4. Triple Dutch Braid Half Updo

What You Need
  • Comb
  • Hair clips
  • Elastic bands
  • Hairspray
How To Do
  1. Comb your hair and create two partings in line with the ends of your eyebrows.
  2. You can jazz them up by following a zig-zag pattern.
  3. Create a third parting at the back, at the crown, joining the previous two partings. Leave out the section of hair created by the partings and clip up the rest of your hair.
  4. Divide this left-out section of hair into three smaller sections with zig-zag partings.
  5. Clip up two sections and begin weaving a Dutch braid with the loose section of hair. Keep adding hair to the sides as you braid.
  6. Stop weaving the braid once you reach the back parting and secure it with an elastic band.
  7. Unclip the next section and repeat the same, followed by the last section.
  8. Join all the remaining hair of the sections together and tie them in a high half ponytail.
  9. Take some hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to cover it before pinning it in place
  10. Don’t forget to hit this half up-half down do with some hairspray.

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