19. Multi-Twist Half Updo

What You Need
  • Comb
  • Elastic bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
How To Do
  1. Pick three sections of hair from each side (a total of six sections).
  2. Divide each section into half and twist the sub-sections around each other. Do the same with the other sections. You can use elastic bands to secure them.
  3. Pin all the twists at the back of your head and remove all the elastic bands.
  4. Un-twist the hair below the pins and brush it out.
  5. Pick up a medium-sized section of hair from below the pins.
  6. Divide this section into two sub-sections and twist them around each other.
  7. Secure the ends with an elastic band.
  8. Spritz on some hairspray to finish off the look.

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