Step by step hairstyles Tutorial

Welcome to the new Step by step hairstyles that make you stand out of others. Inspired by the celebrity styles and trends, we are here to let you know how it can work out for you. This hair half up half down tutorial is for you if you have sleek and straight hair that can be shaped on your own wishes.

Step by step hairstyles

Step by step hairstyles

  • You need to take a start with freshly dried fuss free hair for Step by step hairstyles . Use your brush to unlock any of the hair entangles and knots. Brushing your hair from top to down gently would make your hair look super sleek and soft.
  • Now take a half top of your hair in both of the hands to bring them together. Get them as high as you can and separated from the other half down left. Do not make a knot at the top of the hair. Just twist them around in a single bin.
  • Now, come to the rest of your hair that are half down the way and need your work done. If you are short of hair down, you can use extensions easily. Add extensions to your lower portion of the hair coming down to get a bigger volume of hair. You can mix different colors as well depending on how you want to look. More volume means more hairstyle options with you. In order to get the extensions completely covered under your natural hair, try to clip them as high as possible. After adding the extensions, brush your hair again so that there is nothing in knots and entangles.
  • Now, spray your hair with a good hair spray. You can use a good organic hair oil spray. It would smoothen the edges of your hair.
  • If you want to add some curls to your hair, it is the time to add some. Use a good curling iron and add curls where you want them to be. Gorgeous and loose waves of your hair added this way can be a good option in styling your hair.
  • After doing all of the curling section, get back to the top hair portion. Open then twisted bin and bring the top hair to the front of your face. Don’t forget to apply clips on your hair down that have curls so that they remain separated from the top ones. If you think that you have low volumes on the top of your head, you can add another extension of hair to the top part. It would add volume and hence the beauty to your hairstyle.
  • Now, bring all the hair ponies up including the extension and brush your hair upwards so that they are ready to get into the shape. Get a hair band now and securely place your high ponytail into the upward position.
  • Unlock the clips from your curly hair downwards now and let them lose.
  • To wrap around your ponytail, take a smaller bump of out of ponytail hair and wrap it around. To secure it on the right place, just place a hair clip.
  • Now, it is the turn of your top hair to get curls. Apply curls to the extent you want. It would make your hair look more stylish and sexier.
  • Apply the hair spray again to smoothen the same and that’s all. Enjoy your all beautiful and stylish Step by step hairstyles

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